Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey's role as artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre has been defended by the venue's owner after a string of criticism.

SALLY GREENE believes it is merely a British trait to "knock everything" following bad reviews for his productions CLOACA and NATIONAL ANTHEMS and has been amazed by the way the OSCAR winner has transformed the theatre.

Greene says, "Spirits are very good. It's so British to knock everything. I know Kevin's the right man. He's brightened the place up by his presence.

"We're turning the Old Vic into a producing theatre, a company, not a receiving house. That's my aim.

"What artistic director doesn't get stick? He works bl**dy hard. He can see the place from his flat (apartment) and tootles around on his scooter. He's here in the day, finding out what's going on, sharing his ideas. Then at night he's back on stage.

"And even if some people didn't like National Anthems, he got rave reviews."

As for their alleged fall-out where Spacey reportedly swore at Greene, she comments, "Kevin would never speak to me like that. No one would."

18/02/2005 17:51