It's taken Kevin Spacey 15 years to bring his Bobby Darin biopic to the big screen, and he's delighted he's impressed the most important people - Darin's son and his former agent.

The actor is grateful the SPLISH SPLASH singer's family and friends didn't interfere with Beyond The Sea and was thrilled to be able to show them the end product.

The OSCAR winner says, "I did show this movie to two of the biggest critics I could face at this point; STEVE BLAUNER, who was Bobby and SANDRA's (Darin's wife) agent, and DODD DARIN who is Bobby's son.

"And that was a pretty great experience showing them the film, because they hadn't seen anything, they hadn't heard anything, I hadn't played them the music, they didn't see dailies, they didn't read the script, they just trusted me to go and make the movie.

"Finally showing it to them was very emotional. And they were over the moon."

11/11/2004 17:32