Kevin Spacey is determined to complete his 10 year contract as artistic director at London theatre the Old Vic, despite criticism of his management. The actor recently cut short the run of Arthur Miller's RESURRECTION BLUES following poor reviews and announced the summer closure of the theatre. But he insists he "more determined than ever" to make the theatre he took over in 2003 a success. He says, "This the middle of our second season, it's very early going, nothing has put me off from our goal and our plan. "I don't think that 18 months in, that anyone needs to apologise for having done a programme that's brought 425,000 people into the theatre. "That's nearly more than two times the number of people that came into the Old Vic in the previous two seasons. "We must be doing something right even though 11 or 12 people who write for newspapers don't particularly like what we've done."