Kevin Spacey has laughed off reports he ditched Drew Barrymore as his love interest in Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea due to Sandra Dee's objection - insisting the story was just a tabloid rumour.

The movie star picked BLUE CRUSH star Kate Bosworth to play Dee in the film, and insists Barrymore was never in the running.

He says, "There was some tabloid report that Sandra Dee herself had been upset about casting Drew Barrymore but, in fact, Drew Barrymore was never considered, so that was just a made up story.

"I cast Kate Bosworth, who is fantastic and delivered everything I could have hoped for. You look at her in this movie and absolutely believe she could have been America's sweetheart.

"She's very talented, very dedicated and very funny in the film."

12/07/2004 01:48