Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is grateful theatre attendances do not appear to have suffered during the current global economic downturn - insisting there is a need for escapism in the arts.
The American Beauty star is the director of London's Old Vic theatre and has devoted his time to staging productions there.
And Spacey is pleased that ticket sales at his institution have not dropped, despite the international recession, because it proves the devotion of theatre-goers.
He says, "I think arts and culture are a necessity in our lives and I think people need to go places and gather and go to the theatre or the opera or a ballet, or a comedy club or a jazz club, anywhere that we can gather. I think it's hugely important.
"I think that we're doing alright at the Old Vic; I know things are a little tougher in New York, it's probably harder to raise money - but we seem to have even defied that."
And Spacey is grateful that U.S. President Barack Obama has provided funding to help prop up the country's arts and entertainment business during these tough economic times.
He adds, "I think if you look at the stimulus package that passed in the United States, there was 50 million dollars set aside for investment in the arts.
"And though some were trying to get that removed - and you've got to really hate culture to take out 50 million out of a 780 billion dollar bill - our own President looked at some of the successes of what we call showbusiness and made a clear decision that culture should not suffer."