Actors Kevin Spacey and Bob Hoskins had musical onlookers impressed with their vocal stylings when they teamed up to record a song for a new soundtrack.

In upcoming film Beyond The Sea, a biopic of 1950s singer Bobby Darin, Spacey plays the lead and takes directing duties.

Cockney Mona Lisa actor Hoskins and the Hollywood star recently met up at London's famous ABBEY ROAD recording studios, which has played host to pop legends including THE Beatles, to record a version of jazz standard MACK THE KNIFE for the film's soundtrack.

A studio insider says, "The two of them were larking about all day. Kevin was in top form; he had the studio in stitches but he impressed everyone with his singing.

"He and Bob were constantly trying to top each other in the crooning stakes but they eventually got themselves in harmony and nailed a version they were both happy with."

07/10/2003 13:24