Actor Kevin Spacey is considering quitting movies to become a full-time theatre actor.

The AMERICAN BEAUTY star is currently artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre - and admits he's reluctant to return to Hollywood because he'd miss the thrill of performing in front of a live audience.

The OSCAR-winner explains, "Films are a disconnected form of performance because the live contact with the audience isn't there. When you're on stage, it's another world and you feel the energy of the setting and you thrive on that.

"I also feel the excitement of living in London after having basically lived in New York for the last twenty years. I love being able to start a new life here and realise a dream.

"I'm still proud of a lot of the films I did. Even if some of them didn't work. I never expected or for that matter wanted to become an action star with one hit after another. The life I have now is the one I want."

06/10/2004 13:22