Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Queen Latifah and Christoph Waltz helped U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel turn popular videos into hilarious new film trailers on Sunday (02Mar14).

As part of the comedian's annual Jimmy Kimmel Live! post-Oscars special, the Tv host recruited Australian acting brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth to shoot a big screen version of 2007 viral video Charlie Bit My Finger in a movie titled Bitman Begins.

Streep played the brawling siblings' mother, while Hanks portrayed a hooded monk looking out for Liam.

Another fake film preview featured Queen Latifah as Kimberly 'Sweet Brown' Wilkins, who rose to Internet fame in 2012 after giving an interview to a local news station in Oklahoma about her escape from an apartment fire, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt led the cast in an amusing movie adaptation as David, a youngster who begins to hallucinate from the anaesthesia he was given for dental surgery.

That trailer starred Catherine Zeta-Jones as the tooth fairy and Samuel L. Jackson as a mad dentist.

However, the best clip, a take on Amadeus the piano-playing cat, was saved until last, and starred Kevin Spacey, dressed in a giant cat costume, as Ameowdeus, while Christoph Waltz donned a furry white suit to play a scheming hamster.

The bizarre 'trailer' also featured appearances from Sir Ben Kingsley, Mandy Patinkin, Gary Oldman and Abbie Cornish.