Kevin Spacey won't go for breakfast, lunch or dinner with anyone unless they are ''writing a f***ing cheque''.

The 55-year-old actor is a keen fundraiser and while he insists there are ''loads of people'' who want to have a meal with him, he refuses to meet up unless they are donating some cash to a good cause.

The 'American Beauty' star - who founded The Kevin Spacey Foundation, which aims to bring the arts to a wider audience - said: ''This is not ego, but lots of people would like to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with me, so 'Don't send me for lunch, breakfast or dinner unless they are writing a f***ing cheque.'

''Bill Clinton was a great help. He would be fundraising for his Foundation and he would call and say, 'Kevin, I've got these business guys at the Cipriani, come over, maybe some of them will like what you're doing,' and I would spend the whole evening getting business cards.''

Kevin may have more time on his hands this year, after leaving his role as artistic director at London's Old Vic Theatre in 2014 after a decade at the helm.

He also revealed that he is delighted he moved to Britain for the job because he has plenty of positive things to say about the country, admitting that he particularly enjoys seeing dogs ''everywhere''.

He told GQ magazine: ''I could go on and on about what I like. I could not go on and on about what I don't like. I love the architecture, I love that London is a walking city, I like getting to the countryside, I like the people, the politics, the arguments, the theatre and sport, food.

''I like that there are dogs everywhere. When I picked up my life and moved there it was a risk. I didn't know that many people - my life was completely changed.''