Kevin Spacey performed a little street theatre in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (05Apr11) in a bid to encourage U.S. politicians to give more cash to the arts.
Spacey was supposed to testify before Congress on behalf of the National Endowment for the Arts but the hearing was cancelled in favour of crucial budget negotiations.
So The Usual Suspects star used his acting skills to get his message across - and 'performed' his testimony on the street.
He recalled how a theatre workshop hosted by his hero Jack Lemmon when Spacey was a teenager gave him the impetus to become an actor.
Spacey told the crowd of tourists, politicians and lawmakers who gathered to watch the double Oscar winner in action, "He (Lemmon) saw something in me, a potential, that even I hadn't recognised. That moment shaped me, and it shaped my life."
He went on to state that he fears the kids of tomorrow will have less opportunities in the arts due to budget cuts.
After his impromptu performance, he told the Associated Press, "To me, it is important just to absolutely embrace arts and culture and the creative industries and what they bring to our nation. It is the single greatest export we exchange around the world."