Kevin Spacey feels like "the luckiest guy alive" because he gets to run the Old Vic Theatre.

The American actor has been the artistic director of the London theatre since 2003 and he admits the job, living in the UK capital and starring in the company's production of 'Richard III' directed by Sam Mendes is all a dream come true.

Speaking at the launch of the Amex Be Inspired campaign in London, he said: "I find myself at a place in my life when I'm in the middle of this incredible experience of working with Sam Mendes again, in this remarkably complex and challenging play in one of the most remarkable theatres in the world. I'm the luckiest guy alive, I love the company I work with, I love London, I love being here, I love the architecture, the music and I love being inspired. You go to a music performance or a poetry reading and you are just inspired."

However, life hasn't always been so wonderful for Kevin and the 52-year-old actor admitted just because he appears happy on the outside, doesn't mean he hasn't suffered in his past.

He explained: "I'm in awe of people who overcome whatever obstacles or difficulties are thrown in front of them. We all face challenges, it doesn't matter how good someone's life looks to you on the outside, we all face difficulties and challenges and when you can overcome and get beyond something it's incredible and you realise life is not all depressing and dark moments. All you need sometimes is that little bit of encouragement and take the cynicism out of the equation."

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