Kevin Spacey doesn't understand actors who want to be politicians.

The 'House of Cards' star - who plays an ambitious congressman in the debut Netflix series - claims he has zero aspirations to carve out a career in government because it would be too frustrating.

The 53-year-old actor told Washington D.C.'s Capitol File magazine: ''I'm a person who likes to set a goal and then achieve it. I like to get things done.

''I would never walk into a profession where I'd [know] I was going to be frustrated for the rest of my life.''

The Oscar-winner also believes that the hard-hitting drama is not as far-fetched as he originally thought it would be.

He explained: ''We were in the middle of filming 'House of Cards' during a presidential election. I'd often go back to the hotel and turn on the TV, and think to myself, 'Our story lines aren't that crazy'.''

Kevin, who stars on the TV series alongside Robin Wright and Kate Mara, previously revealed he is having an ''incredible time'' working on the show because it feels like a really long movie.

He told Ireland's 98FM: ''This is my second experience doing television. I did a series many years ago called 'Wise Guy' and then they killed me off after seven episodes. But this is the first one, you know it was six months of shooting these 13 and I had an incredible time but because of the fact we got an order of 26 chapters as we like to call them, it's almost like we're making a really long movie, it's not episodic and I know where it's going so it's kind of exciting in that way.''