Actor Kevin Spacey recently fired off a letter to Woody Allen in an attempt to persuade the legendary director to cast him in his next film.

The Usual Suspects star has won rave reviews for his role as cut-throat Democratic congressman Frank Underwood in Netflix original series House of Cards, and Spacey insists he feels blessed to be working with Fight Club director David Fincher, the show's executive producer, but he admits there is still one man he would like to collaborate with.

He tells industry publication Variety, "If I could do everything with David Fincher, I would. His nuances, his ability to push me in all kinds of different directions (is incredible)... Working with him is like working with someone who has an Exacto blade (a perfectionist)...

"(But) there are some directors where I think, 'Why do you never call?' I wrote a letter to Woody Allen recently. I introduced myself as an actor he might have heard of, but perhaps not, and I gifted him a Netflix subscription so he could watch my show (House of Cards)."