Playing opposite Kevin Spacey in new Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea was a real challenge for actress Kate Bosworth because her favourite movie of all time is The Usual Suspects.

Bosworth, the girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, plays Sandra Dee in the new movie and admits she had to keep pinching herself when Spacey started chatting to her.

She says, "The whole time I was like, holy s**t, this is KEYSER SOZE. He'd be talking about my life, and I'd want to go, 'So, you know, like, Keyser...'"

Spacey admits he too had problems focusing when he was chatting with the blonde beauty - because she was the spitting image of her character, singer Dee.

He reveals, "Aside from her remarkably beautiful face, she had in her own personality so many qualities that were dead-on for Sandra Dee."

21/01/2004 21:07