OSCAR-winning actor Kevin Spacey's Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea is facing last-minutes changes after the original backers pulled out of the project.

MDP WORLDWIDE and MGM have withdrawn from the flick, which is set to begin production on 6 October (03), following a scheduling conflict. According to MDP, Spacey wants the film completed by the end of the year (03), a demand which the company says it cannot meet as it has other commitments.

Distribution of the movie is now expected to be taken on by LION'S GATE FILMS in North America.

Spacey says, "I am enormously grateful to MDP's faith in getting the film this far. I am very pleased the film is going forward on schedule and will continue to be thankful to MDP for making a decision that is clearly in the best interest of the film."

Spacey will direct, produce and star as Darin in Beyond the Sea, which will feature Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee.

13/08/2003 01:47