Director Kevin Smith was flattered when movie bosses snubbed his big screen re-make of cult television show THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

The Chasing Amy film-maker, 34, was keen to bring the superhero to the big screen, but believes studio moguls missed the point when they dismissed his version of the 1970s television series.

He recalls of the 1996 meeting, "I turned in the script and this executive went 'What (the hell) is this? It reads like a comic book! I didn't approve this!'

"I always took that as a real compliment. I said, 'You think it really reads like a comic book? Because that's what I was going for.'

"Back then it was a pejorative."

Smith smugly observes the current Hollywood craze for turning comic book heroes into movie franchises and re-inventing classic television shows.

17/04/2005 10:24