Kevin Smith's marketing gimmick to give an end-credit to the first 10,000 people on who linked their "friends list" to the Clerks II website, has been roundly criticized by award-winning L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke. In a column headed, "Hollywood Guilds Ain't Gonna Be Thrilled," Finke writes, "This could very well be the most insulting thing I've ever heard, a huge diss, to anyone who's ever legitimately earned a credit on a film. It's the sort of shenanigan that, if the guilds in this town had spines, they should stop immediately." Smith, however, received applause for the gimmick at the Comic-Con convention over the weekend when one of the 10,000 congratulated him for including them in the film. The names, Smith acknowledged, fly by so quickly that they can't be read, but he said he did have concerns about the possibility that editors at the IMDb website might have to scramble to add 10,000 new names to their credits' list overnight.