Film-maker Kevin Smith has blasted his friend Ben Affleck for failing to cast him in his directional debut GONE, BABY, GONE. Affleck is currently filming the mystery drama in his native Massachusetts and upset Smith when he didn't ask him to cameo in the movie. Affleck has appeared in six Smith movies, including Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Mallrats. Smith fumes, "I can't believe I cast the motherf**ker in six movies and he didn't have the f**king courtesy to be like, 'Do you want to show up in Gone, Baby, Gone?'" Smith is currently in Boston promoting his new film CLERKS II and in unsure whether or not to visit Affleck on set. He explains, "When you're on a movie set, unless you've got a job to do, you're just in the way. I would like to see him in his directorial element and give him s**t. But I don't want to distract him."