Writer-director Kevin Smith has disclosed that his upcoming movie Cop Out lost its original title, A Couple of Dicks , because the major TV networks threatened not to run ads for it before 9 00 p.m. In an interview with today's (Wednesday), Los Angeles Times , Smith said, "It just was a killer in terms of reaching the broadest audience for the movie. I thought about fighting it. If I'd been 26, I'd have put up a huge ruckus. ... But I realized we'd really be painting ourselves into a corner." In fact, he had previously done just that when TV stations and some newspapers rejected ads for his movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno. That title, he acknowledged, represented "a real marketing hurdle," and he realized that he would encounter a similar predicament with A Couple of Dicks . "I knew I had to give it up," he said.