Kevin Smith insists the forthcoming sequel to his 1994 cult comedy CLERKS is the best movie he has ever made. After a mixed response to his last film, 2004 romantic comedy Jersey Girl, Smith has returned to the low budget film that launched his career - the tale of two clerks working in a convenience store and the video shop next door. Now Smith is confident CLERKS II - which reunites most of the cast of the original film - will be a hit. He tells Empire magazine, "I love it. I think hands down it's the best film we've ever made. You never say never, and to not do Clerks II because at one point I said I was done, to me, that would have been a betrayal of who I am. "If I'd made Clerks II right after I made Clerks, it wouldn't have been this. "Clerks was very much about what it was like for me to be in my 20s, and this one is very much about what it's like for me to be in my 30s. "But boy the whole road through this movie is so insanely crass and funny, so out-there in terms of the s**t they're talking about - you've never heard people talk about this s**t in a movie. Nor maybe even in real life."