LATEST: Cult movie-maker Kevin Smith is holding out for Jason Lee to recreate bumbling private detective IRWIN 'FLETCH' FLETCHER in his long-awaited sequel to the 1980s Chevy Chase films.

Internet reports suggest Zach Braff will play the title character in new movie FLETCH WON, but Smith insists he's still battling to reteam with one of his favourite actors.

Smith, who confirms he has met with Braff about the role, admits he hopes Lee's new TV show MY NAME IS EARL, which debuted in America last night (20SEP05), is a hit so producers will OK the actor as Fletch.

The director tells website, "I'm so delighted Jason is getting the recognition he deserves. Maybe now I can make a Fletch film staring Jason - I've wanted to do that for five years."

Smith and Lee have teamed up several times for movie projects like Chasing Amy, DOGMA and Mallrats.