Director Kevin Smith was at pal Ben Affleck's side when he and fiancee Jennifer Lopez decided to postpone their wedding - and insists the pair remain smitten with each other.

Smith - who directs the couple in upcoming film JERSEY GIRL - has already expressed his bemusement at the assumption the couple have split after being spotted at opposite ends of America this weekend (13-14SEP03), following the cancellation of their wedding.

And now the CLERKS film-maker has told of how he enjoyed a night watching films with Affleck and Lopez last Wednesday (10SEP03), a few hours after they had issued a statement that told the world's press their wedding was off.

Smith says, "It's flat-out speculation. Read all those articles and you'll find there's not an ounce of legitimate corroboration.

"Wednesday night, I was up at their place, watching Dirty Pretty Things and they looked and sounded pretty far from broken up to me. And mind you, that was the day they called off the wedding."

And Smith remains so optimistic that the nuptials will go ahead that he has refused to return the wedding gifts he and wife JENNIFER SCHWALBACH had bought the lovers.

He adds, "Regardless, I'm still giving them their wedding gifts. The s**t I got them both is too cool not to give 'em just because they're not getting married - not to mention, the gifts are unreturnable.

17/09/2003 13:39