Cult movie-maker Kevin Smith has signed up to play a "master hacker" called THE WARLOCK in the new Die Hard movie LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. The CLERKS director joins Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant and Justin Long in the fourth installment of the action film franchise. Smith tells, "I'm exposition guy. Like, I'm the dude who gives them all sorts of information." But Smith assures Die Hard fans that director Len Wiseman isn't planning any big surprises - he just wants to make a film that's as good as the other three movies. He adds, "That seemed to be a running note that they would give themselves on set. With any particular line they would go, 'That's not Die Hard, let's make it more Die Hard.'" And the Underworld film-maker really impressed Smith with his on-set techniques. The DOGMA director admits, "Len Wiseman is a good director, in as much as he'll shoot 180 different angles of the same scene. Me, I'd have been done with that scene in one day... I would have set up one camera, it would have happened in front of it, and we would have been done."