Moviemaker Kevin Smith knows the secret behind the success of the new Star Trek movie - newcomer Chris Pine.
The J. J Abrams' blockbuster has beamed up to the top of the global box office following its release last week (09/10May09), taking a staggering $72.5 million (£48.3 million) in its opening weekend at the U.S. box office alone.
And director Smith isn't surprised the sci-fi adventure has attracted so many cinemagoers - because the new Captain Kirk is the hottest thing in Hollywood.
He tells MTV.Com, "That dude (Pine) is astounding. To be able to involve Kirk without doing a Shatner impression? That performance was so electric and so wonderful to watch.
"That dude is an instant movie star That dude is gonna work forever. He's so good and effortless in his delivery."
And the Clerks auteur is so taken with Pine's acting abilities, he'd even watch the young star get intimate with his own wife.
He jokes, "I'd watch that dude do anything I'd watch that dude have sex with my wife at this point. He's such a good actor."