Kevin Smith has lashed out at the media in Atlanta, Georgia after they raved about his new movie Jersey Girl and then slammed it behind his back.

The director, who this week (begs17MAY04) said he had only just got over the disappointing response to his latest work, is particularly bitter about a promotional visit to the city after the film's theatrical release in March (04).

He says of one radio station on his website NEWSASKEW.COM, "When I was there, I did a radio show where the crew was all kiss-a**y, and then slammed the flick when I left town. So lame.

"Their excuse was that they can't get confrontational with guests, lest publicists refuse to bring cool guests in anymore. How corporate and safe is that? Particularly for the typical zoo-crew that insists they're cutting edge and counter-culture?

"So right about now, I've got about as much love for Atlanta as it's patron saint, Ted Turner, has for his ex-wife, Jane Fonda."

21/05/2004 17:17