Moviemaker Kevin Smith has vowed never to fly the unfriendly skies with budget U.S. airline Southwest again after he was asked to leave a plane on Saturday (13Feb10) because he was too fat.
The Clerks director was offended when airline staff asked him to vacate his seat on a flight bound for Los Angeles from Oakland, California - and, despite two public apologies, Smith insists he'll never fly with Southwest again.
In a post on his popular website, the humiliated filmmaker has promised to "scorch the earth" with his complaints against airline bosses.
Smith suggests he may have been kicked off the flight by a disgruntled airline employee who did not like his films.
And the director, who reportedly bought 10 Southwest tickets so far this month (Feb10), insists, "I'm never going on Southwest again."
In response, a spokesman for the airline tells, "We want to assure everyone that has expressed concern over the situation that we will use this experience in our customer service program when training our employees on the correct way to apply the policy."