Movie maker Kevin Smith hopes his new film Jersey Girl terrifies pregnant women into making the most out giving birth - because Jennifer Lopez dies in labour in the movie.

The CLERKS director is sick of seeing "pretty" birthing scenes in films because he insists pregnancy is a "scary" business - and he wants mums-to-be to take note.

He explains, "All through pregnancy and all through delivery the experts remind you constantly that it could go either way. People take birth for granted and there's a reason they call it the miracle of life.

"I've seen births depicted in movies and it's always pretty. It isn't pretty. I've been there at the birth of my kid and held the wife's hand and cut the chord and what not, and got punched by the wife because she was in so much agony and blamed me at that moment, so it's not pretty.

"Women look terrible. She's all sweaty and s**t like that and I think, 'How can I f**k this person, she looks so bad?' But that's OK because she looks at me and says the same thing everyday!

"I wanted to put something on the screen that is kind of like what I went through with the kind of shock and awe when the kid comes out - people were throwing around curse words and it's just not like it is on TV."

09/03/2004 09:33