Film-maker Kevin Smith has hit out at claims he encouraged cinema-goers to snub the forthcoming PINK PANTHER movie.

The cult director was recently quoted dismissing the film - which stars Steve Martin as INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU, a role made famous by Peter Sellers.

Smith said, "Who the f**k is going to go and see a Pink Panther movie that doesn't have Peter Sellers in it?"

But the CLERKS director insists he didn't meant to deter fans from giving the film a chance.

He says, "I am not 'furious' that Steve Martin's been cast, nor do I 'hope fans remain true to the originals by boycotting' the remake when it's released.

"I may not check out the Panther remake myself, but I could care less whether or not anyone else does either."

21/07/2005 09:20