American director Kevin Smith gave his wife JENNIFER SCHWALBACH a role in his comedy JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK so she wouldn't remove his conjugal rights.

The Jersey Girl filmmaker was petrified of allowing his partner to play animal rights activist MISSY in the cult classic but gave in over fears she would angrily refuse to fulfil his sexual urges.

Smith candidly explains, "Directing Jennifer was kinda eye-opening. She had never acted before and she's never had an interest in acting. I assumed she would take a small role and play the young Silent Bob's mom or something like that.

"But she said, 'I want to be one of the girl gang.' I was like, 'That's a pretty big part.' She replied, 'What, are you saying I can't do it?' And I had to go with 'No! God no, you can do anything.' I just wanted to continue getting my d*ck wet."

17/06/2004 17:12