Director Kevin Smith had no issue with his wife JENNIFER SCHWALBACH kissing co-star BRIAN O'HALLORAN in CLERKS II, because he isn't a sex symbol. But he admits he would have had a problem if Jennifer had to kiss his other male co-star Ben Affleck, because women the world over adore him. When asked if he was bothered by the kiss, Smith says, "Not at all. If she'd been kissing Ben Affleck I'd have been a little nervous because with him, there's a chance she'd think, 'I could trade up.' "Her making out with O'Halloran? Safe as a kitten." O'Halloran unabashedly admits he was thrilled to find out he had to kiss Jennifer, as well as Rosario Dawson. He says, "That was awesome. You know, you look at the shooting list and it says, 'Make out with Kevin's wife: one day. Make out with Rosario Dawson: that's another day...' It was a highlight."