Moviemaker Kevin Smith is convinced overweight people face discrimination in America - because there is a lot of "fat hate out there".
The Clerks director was left fuming earlier this month (Feb10) when he was booted off a Southwest airlines flight because of his size.
He went public with his story and slammed bosses at the U.S. firm for the unfriendly move, receiving two apologies from Southwest chiefs.
But Smith fears the negative reaction from airline staff is indicative of a much wider problem - insisting many overweight people face discrimination on a daily basis.
He tells WENN, "There's so much f**king contempt for fat people in this country which I had not realised because for 15 years I hadn't been called fat.
"There's a lot of fat hate out there still and fortunately based on my job I've been protected from it but now I may as well be 'Fatatar' and lead these people. There's more of us than skinny people and you're all gonna get f**king eaten one day!"