Director Kevin Smith cut a wedding scene between former lovers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in his new movie Jersey Girl, because he didn't want to lose cinemagoers' attention.

Smith insists the couple's January (04) split had nothing to do with his decision.

He explains, "You go out of your way and spend two years crafting a world that you want people to live in for two hours. While they're in that black box, they're yours and you want them transported to a different place and time.

"You want people going where you're going with the story. The moment a 12-second shot presents two people, who were going to get married and didn't, as people who are getting married in a film, you run the risk of people stepping outside the movie and suddenly they're thinking more about US magazine than the story you're telling.

"For some people, 12 seconds has a way of becoming five minutes and suddenly you've lost them all together. It was a pretty quick shot and it was easy to lift. Suddenly we were left with him proposing, her jumping into his arms and we pick up the next shot, which dovetails rather nicely to a point where she finds out she's pregnant. So we didn't need the wedding shot."

09/03/2004 17:06