Moviemaker Kevin Smith took great pleasure overseeing Brandon Routh's gay kissing scene in ZACK + MIRI MAKE A PORNO - because the actor would have been his Superman.
Smith was a writer on the movie that was to become Superman Returns, but never got the chance to take charge of the superhero franchise.
So when Superman Routh signed up to play a gay porn star in Smith's new film, he had a lot of fun with him.
Smith says, "I asked him, 'Brandon, do you have some sort of morals clause in your contract that you can't play a role like this, since you played Superman?' He's like, 'What, is this 1942? Of course I don't have that! As long as I don't play another superhero.'
"I said, 'Fantastic, now go in there and kiss that dude!' I did think it was cute that I got to direct Superman making out with a guy."