LATEST: Film-maker Kevin Smith has hit out at reports he is furious with good friend Ben Affleck for failing to cast him in his new film. The Jersey Girl director insists he was only kidding when he said he couldn't believe Affleck didn't have the courtesy to give him a cameo in his new movie GONE, BABY, GONE. He explains, "Six of my seven movies have been with Ben Affleck. This is his first directing debut and he didn't put me in it. "I was in Boston (Massachusetts) recently doing press on CLERKS II and they asked me if I was going to go visit him on set and I was like, 'I don't want to go visit a movie set that I'm not working on.' "You just tend to get in the way if you're not working on the movie. "I was joking around and I said I'm not going to go visit him because I cast him in six of my movies and he didn't even cast me in his one. "They wrote it up as a real item, 'Smith fumes at Affleck'. I wasn't fuming, I was kidding around!"