Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck joked about the actor's former fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ at the world premiere of Jersey Girl on Tuesday (09MAR04).

Following Affleck and J.LO's high profile split in January (04), the singer and actress' role has been shortened in the film and she declined to take part in any press junkets or interviews to promote the romantic comedy.

Smith told the audiences the Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan, New York, "The reason we started late, we were waiting for J.Lo. I guess she's not coming."

Meanwhile, a relived Affleck admitted media interest in him has lessened since he split from the Latina beauty - and he loves having some privacy again.

The PAYCHECK hunk says, "It's nice to have things quiet down a little bit and have focus be on a movie rather than my personal life or anybody else's personal life.

"I think that's the way it should be in general, because who cares about the other stuff? Actors are interesting, if they are interesting at all, for the movies they make."

11/03/2004 13:46