Balshy film maker Kevin Smith has been talking about his new show, 'Spoilers,' which'll see the director lose none of his outspokenness and brash humor, which he made truly famous with the film 'Clerks.'
The Wall Street Journal reports that Smith will be teaming up with entertainment clip provider Hulu to present a half-hour talk show for their website. Called 'Spoilers,' it will consist of ten episodes and will first air on June 4th 2012. The show will be filmed in front of a studio audience at Universal City/Walk in Los Angeles, with the first portion being given over to Smith and a guest host plugging a new movie. The rest of the show will be a series of animations and shorts, as well as debate with Smith and other interviews.
Discussing his own ability, the never shy Smith commented "My greatest strength is that I can show up with an audience, generally, you only get that with sequels and remakes." He was impressed by Hulu due to their vision and ability to "not do what everyone else does. They're willing to take a risk on their programming and not do another 'Survivor' spin-off," he added. The thought of appearing on a website doesn't faze a man who started in the independent film industry either; "There's this weird mutability between all the content mediums at this point," he said. "I mean, just look at our placement on Hulu; we're going to sit right there next to the network shows. It's all fluid nowadays."