Self-taught American movie-maker Kevin Smith has encouraged would-be directors to skip going to film school, insisting it is a waste of time and money.

The DOGMA director, who only went to film school for four months, has successfully directed 10 movies and starred in 15.

And Smith claims he learned everything he needed teaching himself.

He tells MAXIM magazine "Don't waste your money. If a chimp like me can make a picture without going to film school for more than four months, then film school's not necessary, really.

"Take that money and pop it into a feature. Best way to learn how to make a movie is to get your hands on some equipment and just try it."

Smith launched his own career by filming his first movie CLERKS late at night, in the convenience store where he worked. The film won the highest award at the Sundance Film Festival.

13/06/2005 21:31