Kevin Smith has declared he doesn't want UK movie critics attending early screenings of his latest horror flick 'Red State', according to Yahoo News. Smith's film was scheduled for a press screening on Monday (4th June 2011) but critics were suddenly informed that the director had cancelled the showing.
Distributor Entertainment One UK told film critics just three hours before the announced start time that Smith had chosen to implement a "different screening strategy" in the UK. Smith has already screened the movie, which is about religious fundamentalists, across the US, and British critics reacted angrily to the director's change of heart. After one journalist commented, "So it might taint their reviews? Perish the thought..." on Smith's Twitter page, the director hit back saying, "Feel like if the flick's press screening, why show it to some of the loudest shit-talkers for free and Not folks who RealLy wanna see it?" Another critic replied, "I have loved some of your films (not all), I increasingly object to being told that we who write about film aren't fans". Smith continued in his quest to replace the press screening with a showing for "real fans", tweeting, "names, please: we're trying to make room for 30 Twitter Followers who aren't press but wanna see the flick too, so we can drop some whiners".
Since directing the acclaimed independent comedy 'Clerks' in 1994, Kevin Smith has received mixed reviews for his movies. His most recent efforts, 'Jersey Girl' starring Ben Affleck and 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' starring Seth Rogen were generally poorly received.