Funnyman Kevin Smith has cancelled an upcoming comedy event in Canada so he can support his teenage daughter in a talent show.

The director/actor was due to host a 'SMorgy podcast' at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax on 26 January (13), but he has now axed the date because his 13-year-old daughter Harley has made it to the finals of a 'battle of the bands' competition.

Smith insists he needs to be available to see the youngster perform and he hopes other parents will understand why he decided to put his family first.

In a statement posted on, Smith jokingly compares the situation to his 2004 film Jersey Girl, which starred Ben Affleck as a struggling single parent.

He writes, "It is with a heavy heart that I announce the canceling of this weekend's SMorgy event. The blame for this lies solely with me... Saturday's cancellation is a bit of Jersey Girl coming back to haunt me: my daughter Harley entered a battle of the bands last week and has moved on to the finals. The show is this weekend - same time as SMorgy. Had I not been the guy who made Ben Affleck's character give up a great job opportunity just to see his daughter's school play, I wouldn't be making this call. But she's 13 years old, she's never played before a crowd this large, and I've only got one kid: if I miss this moment to tell d**k jokes with friends half a world away, I'm a bigger a**hole than if I cancel the event. So stuck between and rock and a hard place, I apologise - I gotta do the Dad thing here."