Kevin Smith says working with Bruce Willis on 'Cop Out' was "f*****g soul-destroying".

The director - who created the 2010 police action movie with Bruce as lead character Jimmy Monroe - confesses the experience was not a fun one as Bruce continued to be difficult on set and adds he had "no help" from him "whatsoever".

He said: "It was difficult. I've never been involved in a situation like that where, one component is not in the box at all. It was f*****g soul crushing. I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, 'Oh, you're just trying to blame the movie on him.' No, but I had no f*****g help from this dude whatsoever."

The 40-year-old filmmaker - who has previously hinted Bruce was difficult on the set - reveals he even had trouble getting Bruce to promote the film by posing for the poster shoot.

He told stand-up comedian Marc Maron's podcast: "One guy wouldn't even sit for a f*****g poster shoot. Everyone knows who it is. Put it this way, remember the really funny guy in the movie? It ain't him. He's a f*****g dream."

'Cop Out' made $55 million worldwide on its release, having cost $30 million to make.