Film-maker Kevin Smith has cast doubt on speculation Matt Damon is being lined up to fill William Shatner's shoes as the new CAPTAIN KIRK. MISSION: Impossible III director Jj Abrams reportedly wants Damon to play the legendary character in the next Star Trek movie, which will follow Kirk and SPOCK's younger years at a space academy. However, Smith - who directed the actor in DOGMA - insists Damon is unlikely to accept the part, as he favours more original roles in his films. The director says, "I wonder if Matt would even do it. He's usually not that interested in treading where others have trod. He likes to break new ground." Despite his doubts, Smith jokes he'd welcome a sci-fi partnership with Damon's close pal Ben Affleck: "If they wind up casting Matt as Kirk, they should cast Ben as Spock. It seems like a no-brainer!"