Kentucky country singer Kevin Skinner won the $1-million grand prize on America's Got Talent Wednesday night, but some critics agreed that Scottish singer Susan Boyle stole the show when she made her first American appearance with a soulful version of the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses." In a video clip prior to her performance, Boyle was seen in news footage being taken away to a psychiatric hospital shortly after she placed second on Britain's Got Talent earlier this year. Voice over, she remarked, "With no pressure and then having all this pressure on top of me, I found it a bit suffocating. ... I don't remember much about it after the final, all I remember is being put in an ambulance and being taken to a clinic. I've never felt so tired. I look back at it now, it was a necessity because I was tired." The attention she has received since her performance has changed her life, she acknowledged. "I used to be a kind of spectator looking out at the world, but now I'm part of that world," she said.