American actor Kevin Pollak loves working with Bruce Willis because the DIE HARD star makes everyone around him feel special.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star supported Willis in The Whole Nine Yards and sequel THE WHOLE TEN YARDS - and they can currently be seen together in new thriller HOSTAGE.

And Pollak admits it's always a thrill to be on set with the 49-year-old icon.

Pollak says, "I'm his bitch... One of the things that I admire is the people he's surrounded by are friends of his for 25-years.

"He's created his own family at work, which is pretty admirable. He's unbelievably generous and loyal and a true inspiration. I love working with him and being around him. He's the party.

"There's 'Dollar Day' on Fridays where he gives away a bunch of money to some lucky crew member by pulling a name out of a bucket. He's also got a real open door policy on his trailer in terms of hanging out and being family. It's a very comfortable atmosphere."

Humble Willis adds, "It's a tradition that I've been doing for about 15-years. It's hard work making films... and this is just my way of just getting us all on the same team."

09/03/2005 10:32