Moviemaker Kevin Macdonald refused to record his own personal footage for his innovative film project Life In A Day - because he wasn't "brave enough" to put an emotional family tragedy on tape.
The State of Play director teamed up with Sir Ridley Scott to create the new film using footage submitted by amateurs of events occurring in their lives on 24 July, 2010.
MACdonald admits he was keen to be a part of his own project, but the day coincided with a trip to visit his mother-in-law, who had suffered a stroke, and he didn't want to capture his family's trauma on film.
He tells Britain's Sunday Express, "On the day, I was thinking to myself I should be filming this, because this is the kind of thing I want, but I wasn't brave enough. I didn't want to put my family through it.
"That made me have even more respect for the people who did film deeply personal things and were brave enough to share them."