Filmmakers Kevin Macdonald and SIR Ridley Scott are teaming up to make a movie using footage shot by users.
The Last King of Scotland director MACdonald has asked film fans to record their daily lives on 24 July (10) and upload the scenes to the clip-sharing website.
The videos will then be edited into a documentary entitled Life in A Day, which will be produced by Scott and is due to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January (11).
MACdonald is hoping the experiment will uncover "some real gems, some real magic" and "open people's eyes to the possibilities of user-generated film".
He adds, "Of course, it's a risk. It could be that I won't get anything interesting back - but I don't think that will be the case."
Participants whose clips are chosen for the final film will receive a co-director credit and will be flown to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Sundance premiere.