Director Kevin Macdonald hired Idi Amin's favourite music group for scenes in his new film THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, only to discover the late tyrant had killed their bassist. MCDonald went to Uganda to shoot the film, in which Forest Whitaker plays the feared former leader, and attempted to recreate the 1970s there. After finding Amin's limousine abandoned in a garage, MACDonald set about recruiting the members of the infamous leader's favourite band. The director says, "At the party scene we used a band called AFRIGO who were given that name by Amin and they used to play for him. "We learned the bassist from that band was killed by Amin because he wanted to steal his girlfriend, who was the backing singer. She became Amin's last wife." And that wasn't the only fearful story the cast and crew were told about Amin - there were also terrifying tales of cannibalism. The director adds, "I had an advisor who was a local playwright and he said Amin often had a witch doctor around him and he did believe in witch doctery practices. "For instance, when he wanted to be president for life he went to the witch doctor and said, 'What do I have to do?' and the witch doctor told him he had to eat the heart of the person he loved the most.' Shortly thereafter Amin's eldest son disappeared. Everyone thought he ate his son's heart."