Actor Kevin Kline was numbed by shocking human trafficking statistics he was given while working on harrowing new movie TRADE - because he always thought the illegal sex trade was a foreign problem. The new movie focuses on a real-life online sex trade operation in New Jersey and the New York-based Wild Wild West star admits he couldn't believe the seedy business was in his own "backyard". Kline says, "I knew nothing about it, and the fact that it's right here in our backyard is shocking. I mean, two rooms down from where we are there could be this kind of business going on. "It's a multi-billion dollar business. It is a global phenomenon. There are countries whose gross national product relies heavily on human trafficking. "Governments tend to think some of these girls want to do it and they knew when they accepted that ad in the paper that there was more than just being a nanny or a waitress or whatever. "That may be the case but the fact is a lot of these girls are completely conned, duped, abducted, brutalized, victimised... Their lives are ruined. These kids are afraid to go home again and they've been tarnished and indelibly psychologically damaged. "They are too ashamed to face their families again. They have no other recourse but to stay in the business. "The most horrifying thing is governments, including our own, have just slapped these human traffickers on the wrist. "New York State has just recently enacted laws to make it more severely punishable rather than a little misdemeanour, but there are 25 other states that don't have these laws on the books, and other countries that turn a blind eye. It's pretty horrifying."