Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are selling their New Jersey mansion for $2.2 million.

The couple, who are expecting their first child early next year, have put their home, which they purchased for $1.19 million in 2011 and featured on their reality TV show, 'Married to Jonas,' on the market as they want more privacy.

A source told gossip website that the couple plan to start showing the house to potential buyers next week at a private open house and are hoping for a quick sale.

The insider added that they were very happy with the property but decided it was too exposed, as it is visible from the street and they want to make sure their unborn daughter is safe.

However, it seems they have no plans to move to a bigger city as they have already bought a piece of land nearby and plan to start building a new house very soon.

Kevin, 25, is going through a lot of life changes at the moment as he and his brothers Nick and Joe are rumoured to have decided to end their band, The Jonas Brothers.

Jesse Derris, spokesperson for the boy band - who formed in 2005 - previously said: ''There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction.''

The 'SOS' trio are still said to be close and on ''speaking'' terms, despite their US tour being cancelled following a major argument.

A source had added: ''It's not a personal fight, it's about the music. They are brothers, they love each other. Yes, they are still speaking.''