Kevin Jonas isn't sure whether he wants to have another baby.

The former Jonas Brothers star, who has 12-month-old daughter Alena with wife Danielle Jonas, admits they originally wanted to have lots of children, but are now doubting their plans.

He said: ''Every couple of months with Alena we're like, 'Maybe just her, she's kinda awesome!' ''

But the 27-year-old singer says his wife would like to add at least one more to their brood.

He told E! News: ''We've talked about it. She's got baby brain, it's crazy. She was holding one the other day and she gave me that look. Now that she's walking it's like she's a toddler so it's like, 'Oh now we need a baby again!' ''

Danielle added: ''First it was four [kids], now it's three.''

Meanwhile, the couple are looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day together next weekend.

Kevin said: ''I realised that we have yet to go away together since, like, the last year but we're actually going to be going to the Hollywood Domino event that I hosted last year with [Artists for Peace] so...I'm actually going to bring my teammate along with me this time.''