Kevin Jonas' wife will give birth to a baby girl.

The Jonas Brothers singer and Danielle have revealed the gender of their first child together and confirmed they will welcome a daughter into the world.

The couple announced they were expecting last month, and they shared the news with fans on Ustream on Thursday (29.08.13).

Kevin said: ''We're having a girl ... I'm going to be a father to a little girl! Mind blowing. So excited.''

The revelation was originally set for the Jonas iTunes app before the server crashed and fans were directed to a different site.

Tweeting after the announcement, the father-to-be wrote: ''It's a girl!!!!! Thank you everyone!! She's sucking her thumb! (sic)''

Danielle added: ''It's a girl !!! Iam so happy I been able to share everything & not have secrets it's been so nice. Thank u for all the tweets of excitement. (sic)''

In the past, Kevin had admitted he was wishing for a daughter because his family is very male-dominated.

He previously said: ''I would love to see a girl in the midst of all these boys all over the place. But then again, at the end of the day, if it's a boy - oh man, we're starting trouble.''